Three Excellent Examples Of Nursing Philosophies Found Online

Every nurse brings with them a set of beliefs and principles to their field, these make up their nursing philosophies.  These guidelines are very important and are often well thought out.  Philosophies of nursing are what nurses use to guide their studies and later on their practices.  What is philosophy?  That is a large debate but for the sake of time it is the study of existence, knowledge, and thought.  So nursing philosophies, even famous nursing philosophies must touch on all parts of one’s nursing career.

Philosophy of Nursing was a concept that was only developed by those who had been in the industry for a while but that has changed greatly.  Now many people who seek to be nurses are required to indicate their personal nursing philosophy on their applications to nursing school.  For those that aren’t required to write their philosophy on their applications, and even those that are, they work to develop them over their time in school because it becomes critical when looking for jobs in the nursing industry.  Hospitals and practices alike are looking for people with a similar mindset in patient treatment.  Take a look at some nursing philosophy examples.

Vanessa R. Morton is a registered nurse at Women’s Health Care Associates in Littleton, Colorado.  She posts her nursing philosophy on her website like many nurses are starting to do.  Morton brings up many good points in her nursing philosophy statement.  In her statement Morton puts a big focus on patients, specifically their care and privacy.  This is key because as a nurse you aren’t in the industry to become a millionaire, you are looking to help others. Where Morton makes a tragic mistake though is that she unknowingly created her nursing philosophy.  It is okay for a nursing philosophy to unknowingly evolve but you should set off with a guiding set of principles in anything you do.  That is why many nursing schools work with students on their nursing philosophy statements.nursing philosophies

Christine Nolan is another registered nurse who has their nursing philosophy statement posted on their website.  Nolan also puts a heavy focus on the patient but in a different way.  She too believes that her role is to care for people in need but Nolan believes that she does it through her belief in the Word of God.  Going on to say that she facilitates miracles and inspires hope.  In today’s world very few people want to have God in their organization’s mission statements and it might be wise to avoid including religion in your nursing philosophy. With that being said Nolan does bring it back into a more traditional philosophy by grounding her statement with her ideas about how a nurse needs to be more than religious, they must be competent and proficient.  She also touches on the fact that we must all continue to learn.  Life is a learning process for every profession out there.

Another nurse, Megan McGahan, posts her nursing statement on her professional website.  She takes yet another approach to it with providing a brief summary on her philosophies page.  This summary touches on many things both others mention. McGahan believes in holistic care while still honoring what each patient believes in. Patients will have values that differ from yours and it is important to prepare for those. In a downloadable document McGahan has what appears to be a school paper version of her nursing philosophies which is seven pages long.  Longer philosophies tend to be a lot broader and may come in with a lack of focus or too much focus when presenting them to a future employer.

With these three examples of nursing philosophies you can see a variety of differences from focusing on the medical and patient treatment, to a heavy religious influence, to a paper length statement of philosophies.  No matter which one you look at though there is a focus on the patient’s treatment and a respect for the patient. Many say there is no greater calling in nursing for this very reason, those in the industry dedicate their lives to helping others, no matter who they are.

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