Three great online resources for an intro to philosophy for free

If you want to learn more about philosophy an introductory course to philosophy is the best place to start. You could start with an intro to philosophy book and I will include a wiki open book, but the best way to learn is in a philosophy class. Many philosophical texts contain meanings that are not written out and for a clear understanding it is best to have an expert who can explain not just the words, but also the meanings behind the words and the context behind the text. And of course the ability to discuss the texts is very valuable. But not all of us have the time, money or ability to join a local philosophy course. Luckily there are multiple online resources available for learning philosophy online. There are some differences between. For example one is ordered historically while another is based on the different parts of philosophy. Read their available intro to philosophy syllabus to make the best decision.

Coursera’s Introduction to Philosophy

intro to philosophy coursera

Coursera is one of the leading platforms for online free education. Many universities provide courses. The University of Edinburgh’s Eidyn research center has created an introductory course for philosophy.  Its course starts with defining what philosophy is and moves on to discuss different philosophy fields separately. It discusses traditional branches of philosophy likes epistemology and metaphysics. But the philosophy of mind and science also have their own block. This Coursersa philosophy course is a great platform to serve as your intro to philosophy study guide.

Edx’s Introduction to Philosophy: God, Knowledge and Consciousness.

intro to philosophy edx

Edx is another platform for free online courses. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology  provides This course. It structured different from the Coursera course. The title shows that they cover some similar topics epistemology. But a quick glance over the course guide and it becomes obvious that this course focuses on philosophical questions instead of disciplines. Of course they teach some similar subjects. But the Coursera course concentrates on topics, while the Edx course is built around specific questions. This is a great course if you want to dig in to some fundamental philosophical questions right off the bat.

Saylor Academy’s Introduction to Philosophy

Saylsaylor intro to philosophyor Academy might be a new player on the stage of online education but their course is nonetheless a great place to start a philosophical education. Their course concentrates on the value of philosophy and actual writing skills for aspiring philosophers. The actual philosophy is taught through specific philosophers who have had a great impact on the history of philosophy and modern-day philosophical media features. So if you want to learn about practical philosophy, specific philosophers and modern-day philosophy this course is the best fit for you.

The great thing about all these courses is the ability to have real discussions. Philosophy is best taught through interaction between a teacher and students. It is invaluable to learn how others read a certain text because they might see a completely different meaning than you. By incorporating these different meanings you’re understanding of philosophy deepens. These courses create this possibility from the comfort of your home at the times that are convenient for you. Reading books about philosophy are very helpful and sometimes it might be better to distance read by yourself. But for a great intro to philosophy and clear understanding I recommend one of these three courses.


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